Urbana Zipper Sacs


Not too big, not too small, the Medium Zipper Sac by Urbana Sacs is just the right size for your everyday toting needs. Ready to hold everything from your everyday necessities to travel accessories, you can easily take sustainability with you wherever you go.

Harvested through cultivation not deforestation, the sustainable lightweight material used in Urbana Sacs is infused with a variety of virgin pulp fiber blends and recycled polyester felts. Individually handmade in Los Angeles with washable paper fabric, our sacs have been designed so that you can cuff and shape them to suit your needs.  Like fabric, it can be washed and reused over and over again.

Due to the bespoke nature and reclaimed fabrication in these designs, each piece has its own distinct feel that makes it as unique as you are!

Every Urbana Sacs Zipper Sac uses reclaimed blue jean zippers to seal the deal. Like your favorite pair of jeans, the zip closure may take time to glide smoothly. We recommend a few opening and closing pulls before use to wear it in!

Medium | 9w x 7h inches with YKK zipper and reclaimed leather pull 

Washing Instructions
Wash bags in warm water using mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat for easy storage, or shape to re-use.  Do not dry clean. Machine wash is not recommended 

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