Amber Mason Bee Home


Pollinate your neighborhood with a bee house to raise gentle native mason bees.

  • Upcycled Wine Bottle
  • Mason Bee Nesting Tubes
  • Wool Felt Hanger
  • Directions Included
  • Bottle: 5.5" high x 2.75" wide. 

MASON BEES | (Osmia lignaria spp.) are gentle native bees with extraordinary pollinating abilities. With around 140 varieties of mason bees native to North America, these bees are essential to the pollination of flowers, vegetables, and spring fruit trees. Mason bees are known as solitary bees because they nest alone. Unlike honey bees, mason bees do not produce honey and do not defend a hive so stinging very rarely happens. The female’s stinger is actually her egg tube, so should a rare sting occur, there is no barb or venom.  One mason bee can pollinate what would be comparable to around 100 honeybees.

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