The Rainbow Statement Earrings (Silver)


With these light weight earrings you are bound to bring some new luxury and shine to your everyday. Inspired by dancing the night away to the sounds of vinyl records. Made to make a statement, every day. Wear these to your BFF's wedding, or for your next office meeting. These earrings will stand out on your Zoom calls, or make a statement on your first date. No matter what, they will be shining at your side.

Uniquely handcrafted in small batches. Ultra-resistant and a thick layer of pure 18k Carat gold plating, with pure 925 Silver. Hypoallergenic, and waterproof, made to be worn every day.  They have an easy close, push back stud closure and are sustainably produced. 

4cm x 2cm Maxi Earring Size 

Made in Italy

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