Top 5 Ways to Make A Difference When It Feels Like You Can't

One of MIVA’s core values is environmental stewardship and when you choose to shop small with MIVA, you help me in support of this mission. There is so much happening to our planet that it can be easy to lose hope, but even the smallest gestures of goodwill add up to something bigger. Read on to discover some little things that we can all do that really can make a difference. I hope you will take action in one or all of these ways for all of us that call this beautiful planet home!

1. Let your voice be heard!

Write a letter to your state representative and let him/her/they know the issues that are important to you and your community. Use this link to find your State Representative and this template to get you started.

2. Choose wisely

By shopping at MIVA and other conscious retailers, you put your money where your mouth is regarding regarding environmental sustainability and regulation in consumer goods production. At MIVA, we're committed to providing you with sustainable options whenever possible.

3. Daily Action

Composting is one my favorite easy ways to make a tiny difference each day that really adds up fast! Biodegradable food waste makes up the largest percentage of household garbage - and it could be nourishing your garden instead! If you aren’t sure how to get started, please reach out. I’d love to discuss this passion of mine with you!

4. Talk About It

I know these issues can be overwhelming and even depressing, but we have to keep the conversation going strong! Discuss your views, how you’re taking action, and how you’re not giving up! Being vocal lets others to know that you're committed to doing your part.

5. Join the Movement

Get on board by taking action today in small or big ways! From cleaning up a local park to running for office, every effort helps the collective goal. Become a changemaker and share your actions and adventures with our community when you #gowithmiva!

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