MIVA: Meet the Staff

MIVA has been undergoing an evolution and people are starting to take notice.  Our customers and friends keep telling me, "things feel differently around here," and I couldn't be more proud. This tiny shop has BIG values and it's been my intention to make that more clear, while remaining a fun and relevant place to shop.

MIVA's commitment to the environment, outdoor adventure, and responsible shopping runs deep in my veins and it's taken some time to assemble a team that gets it. It takes a lot to make MIVA run smoothly - sourcing the best new goods, daily shop tasks, top-notch customer service, content creation, marketing, the list goes on. But it takes a REALLY special group of women to do all of that while exemplifying the values that MIVA holds dear. This is so much more than a shop! And I could never make it all happen without the help of my team. 

These creative, dedicated women are always ready to jump in and give it all they've got. Why do they do it? Because they believe in MIVA just as much as I do! I am honored to work side-by-side with each of them as MIVA continues to grow and I want you to know them, too.

Get to know the women that keep bringing you style, sustainability, & fun with MIVA!

"MIVA to me means finding self expression through fashion and a judgement free journey into sustainability and nature."

Elizabeth's role: If you follow MIVA on social media, you've seen Elizabeth's work. She is in charge of social media for the shop, keeping it fresh & relevant so you can feel connected daily.

Why she loves working for Morgan: "I love working for Morgan because I’m 90% sure we are the same person. Morgan and I have become very close over my time at MIVA and I know I can count on her for anything!"

Favorite spot for outdoor adventures: The Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.

Fun fact: She makes her own kombucha!  

MIVA to me is a "great example of being kind to Mother Earth"

Julia's role: Julia is your go-to at the shop - ready to help you put together great outfits and find the perfect gifts! 

Why she loves working for Morgan: "She works hard to find products that are unique and safe for the planet."

Outside of work: Julia is busy watching her three boys play sports or playing a game of pickleball herself! 

Favorite items in the shop: Sustainable kitchen goods.

Stop in, say hi to Julia, and see what's new!


"MIVA is so much more than just a job to me!! It has given me so many opportunities that I never thought would be possible as a high schooler. MIVA also supports so many important causes and has become such a huge part of my life!!"

Millie's role: Millie can often be found in the shop, but she's just as likely to be behind a camera lens capturing images for MIVA's online content.

Favorite things to do: Photography and spending time in the outdoors

Dream adventure: Exploring Glacier National Park in Montana.

If Millie could be any animal: "I would be a giraffe because she'd love to know what it feels like to be so tall!"


We'd love to know what MIVA means to you - and maybe a fun fact or two! Drop your answer below!

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