Gifts Of Sustainability

For MIVA, sustainability is all about balance. How do we protect
our environment, and still live a life full of abundance and
gratitude? Moreover, what is our sense of obligation to future
generations-both environmentally and socially? And, how do we
go about safeguarding these obligations while maintaining our
sense of selves? These are all important questions to ask
However, to put it simply, balance is the key element.                                     
None of us must do things perfectly; after all, we are only human.
There is no concrete remedy for being the ‘perfect’ mother or friend, the flawless employee, or the quintessential environmental activist.
Yes, these are all great ideals to strive for, but very difficult to
achieve in any terms reflecting perfection.
So, what can we do to sustain nature, our selves, and future
generations of children? What is the balance between perfection
and not enough? These are all questions that one must answer
for themselves. But here, at MIVA, we like to think our sustainable
products may serve as that balance. Utilizing products that share
MIVA’s mission of connecting with nature and preserving our
planet is a simple, yet important step in making an imprint.
MIVA provides its users with a variety of sustainable products.                       
What better way to make a simple impact than trying out one of
our sustainable items? More importantly, who needs the gift of
sustainability this holiday season? For starters, we have so much
to offer the environmental enthusiast who wants to eliminate
unnecessary waste in the house including our Unpaper Towel
Rolls, our Goldilocks Wraps, and our Reusable Cutlery Set.

For the sustainable wellness guru, might we suggest embracing
our Beauty and Wellness page. Some of our favorites include the
No Knot Floss which is fully biodegradable and registered vegan.
Also, don’t forget to check out our Crush and Brush vegan and
fluoride free toothpaste tablets, The Last Swab and the Bamboo
Cotton Swabs-these would make the perfect stocking stuffers!
Lastly, we cannot dismiss the sustainable clothing aficionada.
What better way to balance environmentalism and self-love than
feeling beautiful in your own skin. Take a look at the exclusive
Camilla Top that is made with 55% of recycled cotton, and the
Cora Top which is made with organic hemp. And you definitely
have to check out the Taj Skirt which is one of our most versatile
pieces- it looks lovely with whatever you decide to pair it up with.

With intention, make the decision to shop sustainably this holiday
season. Can you think of a better gift than showering our planet
with affection? Perhaps the only gift more worthy than conserving
the planet is the gift we give ourselves: balance and self-love.

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