Gifts For An Experience

Deep breath in, deep breath out. Again. Deep breath in, deep breath out. How many thoughts are passing through your mind with your breath? Too many probably. It is difficult to find peace of mind with the tumultuous year we have had. However, despite the turbulent times we find ourselves in, it is important-now more than ever- to find an authentic space for ourselves. A space that is rich with nature, a space that links us to our genuine selves, and a space that enables us to re-connect with our soul. Reflection. Reflection is the key to acknowledging where our heart lies today; where it may lay tomorrow, and where it will likely lie in the future.

Let us ask this, while you take that deep breath in and then out, can you feel your heart center? Do you feel balanced and ready to start the day? If the answer is yes: beautiful. If the answer is no: there is more work to be done. And, if you are unsure, what better gift to offer yourself than self-reflection and tuning into your authentic self.

How do I do this you may ask yourself? Typically, drawing closer to nature and giving Mother Earth the respect that she deserves will enhance the peace your mind is craving right now. Moreover, creating a safe environment where you can just BE with yourself is vital to cleansing the soul. Think about it, sitting with Mother Nature, listening to your heartbeat, self-reflecting, and attempting to wipe any unnecessary thoughts from the mind. What a gift. Perhaps the best gift of all is taking care of ourselves and allowing ourselves to do so without guilt or shame.

What better time to gift a loved one (or yourself) the experience of self-reflection and abundance? It is often through self-inquiry that we find gratitude in all that surrounds us. At MIVA, part of our mission is to inspire our patrons to experience themselves, fully. We strive to offer products that emphasize ingenuity, resourcefulness, and decency.

Ultimately, what better time is there to offer up a gift package of self-fullness and gratitude? Tis the season to cheer up our loved ones with ‘bundles’ of joy and inspiration. Check out our NEW respectable blanket bundles. If you or someone you love needs to feel the blessings of this earth while self-reflecting and internally healing, the Journal Blanket Bundle may be perfect for you! Similarly, our Picnic Blanket Bundle is the quintessential gift for those who want to embrace nature and experience its pleasures while still sustaining its beauty.



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