Brand Feature: Parks Project

Raise your hand if you love national parks! We, at MIVA, adore these national treasures and are passionate about helping everyone enjoy them, whether through sharing our own adventures or helping you gear up for your own.

Last summer, like so many others, my family decided to finally check one of our most anticipated adventures off our list. We hit the road from Geneseo, Illinois, drove across the Great Plains, and climbed our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

As impressed as I was by the wilderness around us, it was my children’s reactions that  moved me the most. Seeing the wonder in their eyes as they gazed out over the vast mountain landscape (so dramatically different from the flatness of home); watching their natural, untamed curiosity blossom while splashing in cold mountain streams; and experiencing them building a deep connection with nature left my heart full and grateful for the existence of these natural lands. Without protection and conservation efforts, these lands would undoubtedly be developed and experiences like mine would not be possible. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.

Our national parks need our help.

The National Park Service - guardians of 84 million acres of priceless and sacred lands - is severely underfunded and under equipped to continue its conservation efforts and accommodate current visitor numbers. In 2020 alone, over 230 MILLION people (that’s two-thirds of the country’s population!) visited national parks*.  While it’s great that so many people are experiencing the parks, high volume visitation - combined with the growing effects of climate change - is straining limited Park Service resources. So to help make a difference for our beloved parks, MIVA proudly carries the Parks Project brand.

Parks Project is a brand on a mission to turn park enthusiasts into park champions through education, advocacy, and funding. Since it’s inception in 2014, Parks Project’s Giveback to park lands in the US has exceeded $2 million! Now that’s something we can get behind! Every time you purchase super cool Parks Project products, you are helping maintain our national treasures for current and future generations. And when you purchase through MIVA, you’re also supporting sustainable retail and local conservation. It’s a win-win!

Which national park will you be visiting next? Gear up with Parks Project and share your adventures when you #gowithmiva!



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